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One incredibly versatile platform with many solutions!

At WiCis we have one great team, one great platform, and many solutions that have enabled us to create products for many industries which would seem non-connected at first glance. But in fact, all of them require the same thing: Moving data quickly from one place to another in real time, and making this data available on any interconnected device in the planet. We stream live medical data, media performance, sports-related data, GPS data, pictures, and even ultrasound. We do this using 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, or even satellite technology so that our systems can be used anywhere in the world - the world of WiCis technologies.

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Biometrics + GPS data with only a 1 second delay!

  1. Award winning
  2. Unique technology
  3. Weather


Nobody can beat our technology 
for streaming data in REAL TIME

Our unique app is perfectly suited for real-time streaming of data
GPS Data
Geo-location data including latitude, longitude, altitude, bearing, speed and accelerometer data streamed every second
Wearables Data
Data from up to 7 wearables, sent every second to our web server for viewing anywhere!
Pictures and text
Send pictures and unlimited texts to your web dashboard to further document your adventure
OCENS Spotcast weather brought to your smartphone and pinpointed to your GPS location
Via Satphone
Read weather from anywhere, even using your satphone
Up to 4 days of forecasts with  4 hour intervals
Forecast tailored to the exact altitude that you are at

Designed for streaming of live data

Every second, and from anywhere in the planet, with a one second delay, to YOU!

3G, 4G, WiFi or satellite

Wherever you are, we can cover your data-streaming needs!

Live data from the top of the world!

And we really mean it: Live data from K2 Pakistan expedition in July, 2016 with Garret Madison using the WiCis-Sports solution.

Take the SEARCH out of RESCUE

Terrain resolution of up to 1m, updated live every second and from anywhere!

Live Campaign Tracking

Track any of these variables live on any ad campaign you are running for desktop and mobile!

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Carson City, NV 89703, USA

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